Open Letter to Athletic Edge Sports & Fitness Members and Supporters

Since the founding of Athletic Edge, our goal has been to serve the local community of Washington and the broader surrounding counties to provide one of the highest quality fitness and sports training facilities in eastern North Carolina and given the growth in our membership base, we are excited to keep pursuing that objective.  As our business has received continued support, we recognize the need for growth and expansion of our existing facilities, which led us to purchase adjacent property, located between the streets of Fifth & Harrington on the corner of Berry Avenue, earlier this year for the purpose of building & developing a completely new building to accommodate our continued growth.  

Since the purchase of the additional property, some of you may be aware of an initiative we are pursuing with the City Council of Washington to close a small portion of Berry Avenue between our existing facility and the newly purchased adjacent property.  The purpose of this initiative was simply to allow us to develop the new building as a direct abutment to our existing facility for easier operational logistics and ease of use by members.  Despite receiving preliminary support from individuals in leadership positions within management of various City departments, our proposal was denied by the City Council last Monday, April 9, due to what we believe was a lack of full understanding of our proposal and business objectives by City Council members.  

However, we want to be clear to our loyal membership base that our expansion plans will NOT be deterred by this decision, we are actively working with the appropriate city leaders that truly understand our desire to serve the community & its constituents and are hopeful this work will yield positive benefits for our business and most importantly, YOU, our members.  Rest assured, Athletic Edge will pursue all avenues possible to expand & grow our facilities, for your benefit, in the immediate future.    

We are not only business owners, we are also life-long residents of the town, Athletic Edge members ourselves and are committed to providing facilities & services for the long-term benefit of the community we all live in.  Please know how much we appreciate your continued support of Athletic Edge and our mission to serve the health, fitness & sports training development needs of Washington & eastern North Carolina.  Stay tuned for the release of the Phases of our Expansion Plan, which will be available on our website, Facebook page and in print at Athletic Edge. 

Thank you again,

Athletic Edge Sports & Fitness Management